First Blog Post

cropped-img_60184.jpgI’ve been sitting here for about 20 minutes deciding what my first blog post should be about. I could talk about whatever I want… whatever #freedomofspeech.

Maybe I should start off by saying who I am. I’m Liliana Andrade. I go by Lily majority of the time. I’ve been blogging since middle school, but finally decided to start a blog where I would only post original content. This content will include things I find interesting. Keep in mind I find everything interesting. Fashion, food, TV shows, quotes, poetry, live music, stickers, technology, conspiracy theories… the list goes on forever.

I’ll mainly be focusing on fashion and anything else that inspires me. Through this I hope to 1) inspire someone, 2) express myself, and 3) become a blogger that keeps it real, but also very rad.



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