A Must-See in Houston

I’ve lived in Houston, TX my entire life and it finally happened! I took a trip to the Cockrell Butterfly Center! I can’t believe it took me this long to go. I walked into this three-story cone where they keep the butterflies enclosed and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My eyes quickly turned to a butterfly that was straight chillin’ on the rail. Most butterflies I’ve encountered before usually fly away before I could get close, but this one let me get extra close(pictured last)!!

There’s something very beautiful about these creatures. The way they fly with such grace, the way they rest on flowers, the way they land right where they need to. I was fascinated the entire time I was in there.

After I left the butterflies, I visited the Brown Hall of Entomology. Again, I was fascinated. I’m not the biggest fans of insects, but this was quite the sight to see. They have so many different types of insects! I was amazed by how many little creatures I share this planet with. One thing I thought was extra cool was that there was a live display of the stages a butterfly goes through. I saw two butterflies coming out of their cocoon!

I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to be surrounded by butterflies and learn more about insects.



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