Things To Do In Dallas

This was my second time exploring Dallas, TX and I must say it has beautiful infrastructure. It was one of the first things that I noticed as I drove into the city. I chose to wear black on one of the hottest days, but that’s okay… I survived! I didn’t want to wear all black, so I paired it with a light denim jacket (which I definitely just posed with and didn’t actually wear…lol) and some tan booties. Originally, this skirt was slightly longer than it is pictured here. I didn’t like the lack of distressed, so I cut it myself! I was scared that I would mess it up, but luckily it turned out just like I wanted it. I’ve always been one to get bored of the way my clothes looks after awhile, so cutting up my clothes is an easy solution. I suggest you do the same! Whether it’s jeans you don’t wear anymore or a skirt like this one. If you destroy it, well then that just means you need to cut more… or you know… donate it 🙂

The only accessories I chose to wear were these sunglasses and my two bracelets. I’m still working on incorporating more accessories into my outfits, but for now… this is what you get(: At first I hated the way these sunglasses came out in the pictures, but now looking back at it I really loved it! I love how they are slightly tinted but then works it way up to a darker tint. S/o to Nordstrom Rack for having amazing sunnies. This was my second trip to Deep Ellum and the culture there is slowly growing on me. There’s so much art and everyone seems to just be enjoying life. I have yet to check out more coffee shops there though!  “What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know…” A very common conversation between my boyfriend and I. This time I knew though! I wanted BBQ and he made it happen. We stood in line for about 30ish minutes and right when we got to the front of the line, they were sold out of ribs:((( It’s all good though. We ate everything pictured above:))) Definitely worth the long line. 10/10 recommend. Before heading to get BBQ, we had to get our coffee fix. I had Instagrammed cute coffee shops in Dallas and this was one of the cutest ones I found. This one is not in Deep Ellum, but it’s close by! There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a nice day enjoying a vanilla latte. I sound “basic” and I’m completely okay with that:) I’d rate the atmosphere higher than I’d rate the coffee. It’s a very picturesque coffee shop, but my vanilla latte was far from amazing. I wish I had taken more pictures of it now that I post this… hmm next time. Near Deep Ellum and need a nice wall of flowers for a photo-op? This is the place to come. It’s right outside Jade and Clover. I didn’t go inside, but I did take a million pictures in front of the entrance as you can see(:

This post is a lengthy one, but I hope it was worth the read! I’ll be doing more posts like this and will be including more pictures because pictures are worth a thousand words and stuff. Anyway, thank you for reading this far and please sign-up to get notifications each time I post. (it’s at the bottom of this blog:)

Items pictured: shirt, denim jacket(not the same one, but still from F21), skirt(not the same one, but still from AEO), booties, sunnies(not the same ones, but these are cheaper and cuter:)

Thanks to my boo for all the pics. He’s slowly becoming a blogger bf… tehe (:

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