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summer 17 outfit 4summer 17 outfitsummer 17 outfit 3summer 17 pursesummer 17 shoesEven though it’s hot af here in Houston during the summer, I can’t stop wearing jeans. At least with these I get a slight breeze through the holes in them. I’ve been changing out the top throughout the summer with this outfit but decided to keep it simple for the photoshoot.

Let’s talk about this bag for a bit… it had been sitting in my closet for like 2 years and I finally brought it out from hibernation. I bought it at TJ Maxx and it was like $20! I doubt they have it now, but the brand is Franco Sarto. It goes with almost everything and adds a splash of color to any outfit.

These Sam Edelman mules have been my go-to shoes for dressing up outfits. Easiest shoes to slip on and go. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them for long periods of time though. I wore them on campus this summer to run an errand and quickly regretted it.

The jeans and mules aren’t on the Dillard’s website anymore, but you could find mules like these basically anywhere! As for the jeans, Free People has other rad jeans you could check out! The jeans are Free People, the shoes are Sam Edelman and the handbag is Franco Sarto!

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to follow me on Instagram for more updates! I hope you are all having a RAD summer! (-:

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