Glam Safari Baby Shower

 The only thing harder than giving birth would probably have to be planning a baby shower (kidding!), but planning baby showers are time consuming just like giving birth is.

As some of you know, my sister is due very soon and what better person to throw her a baby shower than ME!

I started planning early Janurary and instantly made a billion pinterest boards because obviously that’s the first step when planning any party. I didn’t want to go with your typical blue baby shower because it’s 2018 and boys deserve gold too, so naturally GLAM SAFARI was the winning theme.

The color scheme I decided to stick with was: gold, green, white and brown. It’s very important to pick a color scheme so that you know what you should be buying and not go overboard with too many things of the same color.

 The dollar store was surprisingly a very good resource! I bought the safari animals and spray painted them gold since I wanted them on every table throughout the baby shower. For an added dimension, I thought it would be a good idea to add the box wrapped in white paper.  This was one of favorite projects of the baby shower because it’s such a cheap and easy way to decorate. The clothes line pins were purchased at the dollar store. The yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby and I used it for a baby shower game as well. Some of the clothes were purchased at the thrift store and Burlington! If you’re having a baby or have one already, I would definitely recommend going to Burlington! The blanket and the little elephant actually came together! So cute!  The dessert table was topped with: Rice Krispies dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, chocolate that already came in gold foil, a two-tiered white cake and a cute picture frame that I purchased at Burlington (LOOK AT MY CUTE NEPHEW)! The cake was purchased at H.E.B. and the cake topper was from Amazon.  I’m not the hand lettering queen, but I’ve always wanted to try, so I did! It was very time consuming, but in the end I was pleased with it. I put it on the stairs so that it could be the first thing guests would see when they walk in. The great thing about chalkboards is that you can erase and use again! For now it’s hanging in my room, but I hope to bring it out again for another party!  I placed these on the table next to the front door so I wouldn’t forget to remind each guest to take a bottle of champagne. Each bottle had a little note that said thank you for coming and to pop the bottle when my sister pops.

It wouldn’t be a baby shower if you didn’t play any games! Narrowing them down wasn’t easy since they all sounded fun. The games played were:

  1. Guess Mommy’s Belly Size: the yarn used for the clothes line was used for this one mainly. We passed the yarn around and everyone had to guess my sister’s belly size. To easily keep track, every guest would wrap the yarn around the notecard I gave them and they would write their name on it
  2. Guess How Many Kisses in the Baby Bottle: pretty self-explanatory lol
  3. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby: basically like pin the tail on the donkey but a baby lol
  4. Don’t Say Baby: every guest would have to wear a clothes pin and other guests would get to steal their clothes pin if they were caught saying baby. This was played all throughout the baby shower to give every guest a fair chance of winning. The winner wasn’t decided till the end
  5. Diaper Raffle: for every 10 diapers that guests would bring, they would get to enter 1 raffle ticket for a chance to win the big prize (a wine decanter and glasses set)

The prizes for games 1-4 was a mixer and a mini bottle of alcohol. Each one had a different combination of drinks. One of the non-alcoholic prizes was a flute glass with the word “celebrate” on the side.

This concludes my baby shower throwing experience! Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below if you have any questions about where I purchased something:-)

P.S. This was my first time throwing someone a baby shower and I can’t wait to throw another one!

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