Texas Hill Country – Wimberley, TX Travel Guide

Hey everyone! I visited Wimberley, Texas last year and I never made a travel guide about it, but here we are! It quickly became a special place in my heart and I wanted to share it with you in case you needed a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life; I know I did at the time and now I’m itching to go again.

Things I did:

  • Cypress Creek Nature Trail and Preserve: This small trail leads to the Blue Hole trails. It’s not a hard trail at all; super relaxing and full of trees and deer.
  • Blue Hole Regional Park: Absolutely fell in love with this place! There’s a huge trail surrounding it. It’s quite large, but most of it is paved for you, so it’s okay! Definitely take some water with you; especially if you’re planning to go in the summer.
  • Jacob’s Well: This place is really beautiful. The entire reserve is very well maintained. Definitely recommend walking the trails around it.
  • “Downtown” Wimberley: There’s plenty of local stores and resturants to choose from.

Things I loved:

  • Wimberley Shave Ice: I’m a huge fan of shaved ice, but I’ve never found the perfect shaved ice until I came here. I had it a total of 3 times while I was there. Keep in mind I was only there for 2 days 🙂
  • Community Pizza & Beer Garden: Great pizza. Large selection of beers and cocktails. Cute interior. Super close to everything else.

Where I stayed:

  • Happy Camper at Jacob’s Well: I stayed in this Airbnb near Jacob’s Well! Literally fell in love with it. I would suggest not arriving late at night like I did since it can be quite hard to find. This camper is super close to Jacob’s Well and about 20 minutes from HEB and about 25 minutes for the Wimberley shopping strip. Perfect for one or two people!

Thanks for reading! Hope to make more of these travel guides in the future!

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